We translate anything and everything, written or spoken, between Persian (Farsi or Dari) and English. Whether you need to translate just a single word, a phrase, a half-page document, a book chapter or a series of voluminous books, do not hesitate to contact us. The majority of our clients come from the USA and Canada.[…]


INTERPRETATION SERVICES: Our interpreters will help you accurately and quickly communicate with your clients, trade partners, patients or audience. We provide simultaneous, consecutive or phone interpretation in a variety of fields and settings including: Court interpreting services Consultants communicate with their clients Healthcare professionals, researchers and patients communication Bankers, Insurers, Financial Advisers, Investors Conferences, Seminars,[…]

Teaching Persian

Persian Language Services provides customized Persian language training to groups, individuals and businesses. Training is provided in-person or online. People have their specific reasons, interests or motivations for learning Persian. Whether your reason is personal or professional, we will tailor the program, training material, course syllabus and teaching style to suit your specific requirements and[…]


ترجمه رسمی هر گونه سند، مدرک و گواهی سندها و مدرک‌های شخص‌های حقیقی و حقوقی؛ هر گونه قرارداد و توافقنامه‌ حقوقی میان طرف‌های درون یا بیرون از ایران؛ سندها و مدرک‌های بازرگانی، بانکی، مالی و بیمه‌ای؛ کارنامه، شرح درس‌های گذرانده‌ی دوره‌های گوناگون آموزشی؛ گونه‌های مختلف ‏گواهی‌های آموزشی و دانشنامه‌های دانشگاهی و مانند آن. ترجمه متن‌های[…]

Course Development and Consultation

Persian Language Services helps academic institutions develop course materials, translate books, chapters or single articles from a variety of languages to enrich your course syllabus. Our training courses are tailor-made to suit the specific communicative needs of: Business people, public or private institutions and organizations; Elementary, secondary or university students; Individuals interested in learning Persian.

Our Professionals

Our translators, interpreters and teachers are accredited or have been recognized by authorities. Our translators, interpreters and teachers are truly bilingual: Persian native speakers, educated, lived and obtained certification in English-speaking countries. Our teachers are native Persian-speakers with recognized accreditation and years of experience teaching the language.

High Volume, Large Projects

Translation of books, academic courses and voluminous projects is our expertise. Translating books, series, or large projects take experienced, skilled translators with the right type of organizational and management setting. Our specialized translators, editors, proofreaders and project managers work as a team, or individually, to deliver high quality results on time and on budget.